Iardino Real Estate - Apartments & Villas in Naples, Italy.

post imageWith over 40 years experience in the area, we can help you find the perfect dwelling for your stay here in Naples, Italy. We have properties of all types, whether it be villa or apartment. Available in Lago Patria, Pozzuoli, Licola, Vomero, and Gricignano. All properties are convenient to the Naval Support Site, current and future Nato base & Capodichino....

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Homes(Villas) for Families

blog imageWe know your family is important to you. You want their experience here in Naples to be unforgettable. Want a garden? A view? Let us help you find the perfect villa for you in a family friendly area such as Lago Patria. Convinient to all bases and Carney Park. Lago Patria is a tranquil and safe area. We've lived here for over 40 years and know it in and out.

Cool Apartments for Singles

blog imageSingle? Let us find you an apartment where you can experience all that Naples has to offer. Bustling nightlife, cafe's, restaurants - all within walking distance in areas such as Pozzuoli and the Vomero. One, two and three bedroom apartments. If you want to live alone or with a roomate, we'll help you with the often difficult process of finding a place to stay in Naples, Italy.